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I am an unusual medium. I am blessed with the gift of rescuing lost souls (ghosts) and the living from being haunted by them. We call it Spirit Rescue .. though it is also called Spirit Release Therapy in America, and Rescue Mediumship by others as well. I am a metaphysical healer and a believer in the Christ energy, but the more I study Christianity the less I believe, not the message in the bible - That God Loves Us - which you find in the New Testament rather than the Old, but the way the book has been put together, and the teachings that demand we believe it without question. I question everything, and everyone and try to learn from every interaction. My life has been a series of profound adventures, that has shown me myself and taught me about God (called Spirit) and energy - the energy of this planet, the energy of humanity, and the energy of the spiritual planes - which are three different frequencies. I am a Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher. I teach what I have learned through my own experiences, and through the studies of others. I was told, at 17, that I would start a school, and many years later, I have. It is called the Academy of Esoteric Studies, and is a place that I hope many people will enjoy. I am, in 2016, 53 years young and very, very ancient; a mother of two, a wife, a friend, the cook and the cleaner. LOL And I am very happy. Welcome to a glimpse of my world, Love & Peace Ama Nazra

One Mask is much like another

The gentle folk who come to visit, with much love and good intentions, of converting me to their way of thinking, usually end up hurrying away, carefully crossing themselves, after offering to pray for me. They sit in my lounge … Continue reading

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We can pretend this isn’t real …

or we can accept it as part of our new reality, and adapt.

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We are all one family. 

Am I chasing rainbows in wanting each of us to remember the other, to know the other with our hearts, even if our minds never touch, nor our fingers?  Does it matter what clothes you wear, what mask you put … Continue reading

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Stray thoughts at the beginning of a journey

“Hello” by Shakespeare’s Sister. Woke up this morning and my head was in a daze a brave new world has dawned upon the human race where words are meaningless and everything’s surreal gonna have to reach my friends to find … Continue reading

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