We are all one family. 

Am I chasing rainbows in wanting each of us to remember the other, to know the other with our hearts, even if our minds never touch, nor our fingers?  Does it matter what clothes you wear, what mask you put on your face to hide your emotions?  Does it matter what name you call yourself, whether you walk, crawl or run?  Does it matter if my skin is one colour and yours another, that my language and yours are different, and the only communication we can share, for a while, is a frown or a smile?  Does it matter that you and I are old, or young, youthful or middle-aged?  Does it matter what colour my hair is or that it does, or doesn’t have curls?  No, none of this matters, because we are all one family – the family of the ‘Most High’, by the multitudes of names it is called.

The Jews say that ‘God’ has 72 names.  Some Christian religions called it Jehovah, other groups within Christianity will only accept God as the name.  The angels call it Abba.  The Muslims call it Allah.  They have a prophet called Mohammad, the Christians have Jesus, also a prophet, honoured by both religions, although the Christians see him as two faced – the face of kindness and the face of cruelty.  The Hindu’s have many gods, much like the Jews and their many names – is it one god playing many roles, or do the Jews honour many gods but only think it ‘one’?  Is Jesus the only son of the Christian God, or are we all sons and daughters of ‘god’ by whatever name?

We are all one family.  Yes, it’s a dysfunctional one, and we can spend far too much time hating where we should love; holding grudges where we should forgive and move on; lying when the truth would hurt one person or another, or perhaps set both of them free.  When you die what do want to be remembered for, by those who come after you – that you spoke your truth as kindly as you could, or that you only spoke with anger?  Is there not enough room in this world for all our truths, since we really don’t know who is right and who is wrong?

Chasing rainbows is defined as “trying to achieve something that is not possible or practical”.  It was seen as not possible to go to the moon and mars, but we went.  Humanity is so creative that it can create a way to transport itself from one world to another .. perhaps it is time that that transportation be from the world of ‘hate’ to the world of ‘love’.  Think how much more good, how much better, happier, safer and more peaceful our world would be if we could stop seeing the differences, one from the other, and find our common reality.  Perhaps then we would know what true love is .. and be one family.  I find that idea both possible and practical, and perhaps the saving grace in a world gone mad.

What do you think?


About Ama Nazra

I am an unusual medium. I am blessed with the gift of rescuing lost souls (ghosts) and the living from being haunted by them. We call it Spirit Rescue .. though it is also called Spirit Release Therapy in America, and Rescue Mediumship by others as well. I am a metaphysical healer and a believer in the Christ energy, but the more I study Christianity the less I believe, not the message in the bible - That God Loves Us - which you find in the New Testament rather than the Old, but the way the book has been put together, and the teachings that demand we believe it without question. I question everything, and everyone and try to learn from every interaction. My life has been a series of profound adventures, that has shown me myself and taught me about God (called Spirit) and energy - the energy of this planet, the energy of humanity, and the energy of the spiritual planes - which are three different frequencies. I am a Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher. I teach what I have learned through my own experiences, and through the studies of others. I was told, at 17, that I would start a school, and many years later, I have. It is called the Academy of Esoteric Studies, and is a place that I hope many people will enjoy. I am, in 2016, 53 years young and very, very ancient; a mother of two, a wife, a friend, the cook and the cleaner. LOL And I am very happy. Welcome to a glimpse of my world, Love & Peace Ama Nazra
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